Schema Documentation v14

This specification lists a number of standardized keys and values. It's highly recommended to stick to these fields and values.

The full specification in the form of JSON Schema files can be found in the schema repository.

If you need other fields in addition to the ones specified here, and you think that the fields could be of use to others too, please make a change request in the schema repository.

If you still need to use non-standard fields, you should prefix them with ext_ to make it clear the field is not part of the documented API. If you don't use that prefix, the fields will still be ignored by client implementations, but they may collide with fields that we might standardize in the future.

Most types are not nullable. That means that they may not contain the value "null", but they may be left away if they're not required.

You can use the SpaceAPI validator to verify that you implement the schema correctly.