The purpose of the SpaceAPI is to define a unified specification across the hackerspaces, makerspaces, fablabs, chaostreffs and the like across the world that can be used to expose information to web apps or any other application.

The specification is based on the JSON data interchange format. The following example shows how it looks like:

  "api": "0.13",
  "space": "Shackspace",
  "logo": "",
  "url": "",
  "location": {
    "address": "Ulmer Strasse 255, 70327 Stuttgart, Germany",
    "lon": 9.236,
    "lat": 48.777
  "contact": {
    "email": "",
    "irc": "irc://",
    "ml": "",
    "twitter": "@shackspace"
  "issue_report_channels": [
  "state": {
    "icon": {
      "open": "",
      "closed": ""
    "open": true
  "projects": [


We encourage anybody who wants to participate in this project to join the discussion on GitHub, the #spaceapi IRC channel on Freenode or our Mattermost chat instance.